Lunch and artificial intelligence: Part 1

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Yesterday I received a lunch invitation from a friend at work that had this title: “Tell me more about AI” on the subject line. Yes. Yes. She knows how to tickle my nerd side! Admittedly, it made me feel like a specialist in some obscure, magical, futuristic field. I’m glad she trusted what I was […]

A 3D atlas of the universe

Interested in Astronomy and how the stars work but have no way of visualizing them? Well, don’t despair. Watch this talk by Carter Emmart he did for TED.

According to TED, “For the last 12 years, Carter Emmart has been coordinating the efforts of scientists, artists and programmers to build a complete 3D visualization of our known universe. He demos this stunning tour and explains how it’s being shared with facilities around the world. ”

See the brilliant talk below: