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1. Cell Physiology
Cells, Episode 1
Cells, Episode 2
Episode 3
Membranes Extension Notes, part 2
Cells, Episode 5
Magnification and Cell Size Estimation
Linear Magnification, Drawings, and Actual Size
Surface Area to Volume Ratio
Prokaryotic Cells
Prokaryotes vs. Eukaryotes
Plants vs Animals
Class Notes - IB Bio - 4.3.5 - 4.3.12
Cell Theory Recap Part 1
Cell Theory Recap Part 2
Cell Theory Recap Part 3
Cellular Respiration
Cell Transport Physiology (part 1/5)
Cell Transport Physiology (part 2/5)
Cell Transport Physiology (part 3/5)
Cell Transport Physiology (part 4/5)
Cell Transport Physiology (part 5/5)
2. System Interactions
System Interactions
Gas Exchange
Defence Against Infectious Disease
Transport System
3. Digestive System
Chapter 6 drawings
4. Reproductive System
Reproductive Systems
5. Cardiovascular System
Blood pressure regulation (part 1/2)
Blood pressure regulation (part 2/2)
Heart Physiology (Ventricular filling: part 1/6)
Heart Physiology (Cardiac pressure-time curve: part 2/6)
Heart Physiology (Cardiac output: part 3/6)
Heart Physiology (Starling law: part 4/6)
Vascular Physiology (Capillary: part 1/6)
Vascular Physiology (Oxygen capacity: part 2/6)
Vascular Physiology (Flow rate and Flow velocity: part 3/6)
Vascular Physiology (Total cross-sectional area: part 4/6)
Vascular Physiology (Metabolic hyperaemia: part 5/6)
Vascular Physiology (Organ blood supply: part 6/6)
Cardiac Action Potential (Pulse propagation: part 1/6)
Cardiac Action Potential (Pacemaker AP: part 2/6)
Cardiac Action Potential (Autonomic effect: part 3/6)
Cardiac Action Potential (Cardiomyocyte AP: part 4/6)
Cardiac Action Potential (Electro-mechanics: part 5/6)
Cardiac Action Potential (Sarcomere: part 6/6)
Heart Physiology (Length-tension plot: part 5/6)
Heart Physiology (Dynamic heart plot: part 6/6)
6. Nerves, Hormones and Homeostasis
Nerves, Hormones and Homeostasis
Nerve Impulses
7. Biochemistry
Chemical Elements and Water
Carbs, Lipids, and Proteins
Condensation and Hydrolysis Reactions
8. DNA
Part 1-Translation
DNA Structure
part 2 - Transcription
DNA Replication
Protein Folding Activity

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