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1. Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
Parsing Gross Domestic Product
More on Final and Intermediate GDP Contributions
Investment and Consumption
Income and Expenditure Views of GDP
Components of GDP
Examples of Accounting for GDP
Real GDP and Nominal GDP
GDP Deflator
Example Calculating Real GDP with a Deflator
2. Inflation, Deflation and Stagnation
Introduction to Inflation
Actual CPI-U Basket of Goods
Inflation Data
Real and Nominal Return
Calculating Real Return in Last Year Dollars
Relation Between Nominal and Real Returns and Inflation
Velocity of Money Rather than Quantity Driving Prices
Deflation Despite Increases in Money Supply
Moderate Inflation in a Good Economy
Deflationary Spiral
Unemployment Rate Primer
Phillips Curve
3. Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply
Aggregate Demand
Shifts in Aggregate Demand
Long-Run Aggregate Supply
Short Run Aggregate Supply
Demand-Pull Inflation under Johnson
Real GDP driving Price
Cost Push Inflation
Monetary and Fiscal Policy
Tax Lever of Fiscal Policy
The Business Cycle
Keynesian Economics
Risks of Keynesian Thinking
4. Monetary System
Overview of Fractional Reserve Banking
Weaknesses of Fractional Reserve Lending
Full Reserve Banking
Money Supply- M0 M1 and M2
Interest as Rent for Money
Money Supply and Demand Impacting Interest Rates
Simple Fractional Reserve Accounting part 1
Simple Fractional Reserve Accounting (part 2)
5. Income and Expenditure: Keynesian Cross and IS-LM Model
MPC and Multiplier
Mathy Version of MPC and Multiplier
Consumption Function Basics
Generalized Linear Consumption Function
Consumption Function with Income Dependent Taxes
Investment and Real Interest Rates
Connecting the Keynesian Cross to the IS-Curve
Loanable Funds Interpretation of IS Curve
LM part of the IS-LM model
Government Spending and the IS-LM model
Keynesian Cross
Details on Shifting Aggregate Planned Expenditures
Keynesian Cross and the Multiplier
6. Foreign Exchange and Trade
Balance of Payments- Current Account
Balance of Payments- Capital Account
Why Current and Capital Accounts Net Out
Accumulating Foreign Currency Reserves
Using Reserves to Stabilize Currency
Speculative Attack on a Currency
Financial Crisis in Thailand Caused by Speculative Attack
Math Mechanics of Thai Banking Crisis

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