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Mechanics I
Houston Muzamhindo
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Introduction to Mechanics I
Types of forces
Equilibrium Part 1
Equilibrium Part 2
Equilibrium Example 3
Equilibrium and Resolving Forces into Components
Unbalanced Forces : No equilibrium Part 1
Unbalanced Forces : No Equilibrium Part 2
Circular Motion
Angular Velocity , Period and Tangential Velocity
Centripetal Acceleration
Centripetal Force
Circular Motion Examples Part 1
Circular Motion Examples Part 2
Vertical Circle Example
Kepler's Laws and Newton's Law of Gravitation
Deriving Newton's Law of Gravitation Formula
Gravitation Examples Part 1
Gravity near the earth's surface
Geostationary Satellites
Doppler Effect
The Doppler Effect + Example
Center of Mass

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