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1. Cicles
Finding the Center and Radius of the Circle
Sketch the graph of a circle
Sketching Circles Example 1
Sketching Circles Example 2
Sketching Circles Example 3
Sketching Circles Example 4 - Calculus
Sketching Circles Example 5 - Calculus
Sketching Circles Example 6 - Calculus
2. Functions
How to classify functions
Combinations of functions and their domains
Completing the square of a quadratic function
Composite functions
Composite functions and their domains
Domain and Range
Equation Modeling
Modeling the equation of a piecewise defined function from its graph
Equation of a line in point-slope form
Equation of the line in slope-intercept form
Even, Odd or Neither Function
Determining if a function is even, odd or neither
Determine whether a function is 1 to 1
Hyperbolic identities
Hyperbolic Identities
Find the inverse of a function and sketch its graph
Finding the linear function given two points on its inverse
Use laws of logarithms to simplify a logarithmic function
Polynomial long division for rational functions
Sketch the graph of a parabola
The Quadratic Formula
Sketching a graph from a story problem
Describing transformations algebraically
Using transformations to sketch a graph
Graphing transformations
Vertical Line Test Overview

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