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Introduction to Python
Bucky Roberts
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1. Introduction and Basics
Installing Python
Numbers and Math
Modules and Functions
How to Save Your Programs
2. Strings
More on Strings
Raw Input
3. Sequences and Lists
Sequences and Lists
Editing Sequences
More List Functions
Slicing Lists
4. Methods
Intro to Methods
More Methods
Sort and Tuples
Strings n Stuff
Cool String Methods
5. If Statements
If Statement
else and elif
Nesting Statements
6. Comparison Statements
Comparison Operators
And and Or
7. Loops
For and While Loops
Infinite Loops and Break
8. Functions
Building Functions
Default Parameters
Multiple Parameters
Parameter Types
Tuples as Parameters
9. Object Oriented Programming
Object Oriented Program
Classes and Self
Subclasses Superclasses
Overwrite Variable on Sub
Multiple Parent Classes
Import Modules
reload Modules
Getting Module Info
Working with Files
Reading and Writing
Writing Lines

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