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Wellington chamson (Not registered at a university, South Africa (ZA))

Technology question in Visual Basic Principles

Hi guys,What can a person do or focus on go be a Jounalist?

June 24 2018, 8:44 am

Tersia Ockhuis (Rhodes University, South Africa (ZA))
A person can focus on lots of skills to become a journalist

October 17 2018, 1:47 pm


Neil Leonard (Not registered at a university, South Africa (ZA))
This field or profession is huge my friend, but look at it this way...
Focus on all kinds of problems in our world today, starting at a domestic level and perhaps to the political world and even space-study etc. But do Lose focus on the positives and also the juicier events or happenings that's just too much the our human-minds to process.
...And a continuous love for staying fit personally, and always ready to move. Develope a mindset from the getgo thata immune to critics and of cause indi & direct and personal threats at home, field, boss etc, but also a 6th sense or ability to avoid flying bullets regardless of journal paper facts (credible or not)

In short... You will have to choose, by yourself, what field(s) suites you best and/vs the propossed wage bracket you had in mind.

Hope this info can assist you in any way. Was i bit in hurry now, but do not hasitate to request if me to elaborate on certain points i might have left-out.


November 16 2019, 3:29 am


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