Enrolled: 105 students
Lectures: 52
Level: Beginner

Greetings, students, as we embark on a comprehensive journey through the essential principles of Financial Accounting. Our course encompasses key topics, starting with an overview of Financial Statements. We explore the accounting equation, dissect assets, liabilities, and equity, and delve into the preparation of income statements, financial statements, and balance sheets. The session culminates with an examination of financial ratios to enhance your analytical skills.

Transitioning to Journal Entries, we explain the foundational recording process, provide examples, and introduce T-Accounts and the trial balance to ensure transaction accuracy before financial statement preparation.

Adjusting Journal Entries are thoroughly explored with explanations and examples, leading to the adjusted trial balance. The course navigates through receivables, inventory, depreciable assets, liabilities, and shareholder’s equity, offering practical insights and illustrative examples.

The Statement of Cash Flows takes center stage, covering its explanation, direct and indirect method examples, and an exploration of investing and financing sections. The course concludes with Financial Statement Analysis, including horizontal analysis, vertical analysis, and an in-depth exploration of financial ratio calculations and analysis.

Join us on this educational journey, designed to provide you with a profound understanding of Financial Accounting principles and their practical applications.

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