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Python 3 for Beginners
Python 3 for Beginners
Bucky Roberts

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100 videos
About course
This course is presented by Caleb Curry.

Python is a widely popular programming language. Here is the start of an entire series. We are going to be covering everything to get you up and running with Python.

Topics include:
Intro to Python
Interactive Mode
Working with Numbers
Parenthesis and Precedence Rules
Floor Division and Round
Creating and Executing Python Files
Installing and Setting up Visual Studio Code
Print Function
Interactive Mode in Visual Studio Code
Creating a Number Variable
Variable Naming Rules
Intro to Integer / Floor Division
Creating a String
Escape Characters
Double vs Single Quotes
Concatenation with Literals (automatic)
Multilines strings (used as comments?)
Slicing Strings
and a TON more!!

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