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Business, Economics and Commercial Studies Discussion Group
Jade Abbort
(University of Cape Town, )
Good morning mates! Is there someone who understands employment and unemployment? I am trying to answer this question and I have attached the tabel. Describe the household survey of unemployment and, in the context of the survey, explain what is meant the terms below and give the number or rate of each based on the table below for the following dates-- December 2007; June 2009; and July 2017: a) employed b) unemployed c) not in the labor force d) the unemployment rate e) the labor force participation rate f) the employment rate (employment -population ratio) g) if the answer for 'e' in 12/07 were the same as in 1/20 and the number of employed in 1/20 remained the same at 158,714,000, how many people would be unemployed in 1/20 and what, therefore, would the unemployment rate be in 1/20?